What our clients have to say

A quality breeder will be able to provide lots of feedback on the dogs they are breeding. Please take the time to look into what our past clients have to say about their dogs from Doodle Creek. Many of them describe what their experience was like with us as breeders as well. It is important to feel comfortable with your breeder of choice and what others say about us can all be viewed in these testimonials. We have 80+ testimonials to offer and so we have categorized them all. You can also direct message some of the 800+ members on our Facebook Group if you were wanting to speak personally with someone who has a dog(s) from us.


Trained Goldendoodle Testimonials

This page will give you an idea of what it’s like to get a fully trained English Goldendoodle or Olde English Goldendoodle puppy from Doodle Creek. We have many clients who are thrilled with the work we do with these special puppies. Our trainers do a fantastic job or creating a well behaved puppy with a strong foundation for the future.

Standard English Goldendoodle Testimonials

The Standard Goldendoodle make a fantastic family pet. Reading through the testimonials here, you will see they are nothing more than big teddy bears. Their amazing temperament makes their larger size a non issue. Some have become certified therapy dogs. They are amazing!

Medium English Goldendoodle Testimonials

The Medium English Goldendoodle Testimonials are just slightly smaller than the Standard size. They have an amazing disposition as well. We have a number of Mediums who have become certified therapy dogs as well.

Mini English Goldendoodle Testimonials

The Mini English Goldendoodle is probably our most popular. They make an amazing small to mid sized pet and their charming personalities are very desirable as well. They are goofy, playful and love to be with people.

Tiny English Goldendoodle Testimonials

The Tiny English Goldendoodle is the smallest breed we breed at Doodle Creek. Their personality is similar to the Mini in that they have characteristics that will make you smile everyday, guaranteed!

Olde English Goldendoodle Testimonials

The Olde English Goldendoodle is a very loyal companion. The love to be with people of all ages and are great with children. Their stunning black/white and blue merle/white markings give them a unique feature.

Multiple Doodle Testimonials

We have had many clients in the past come back for their second, third, and even fourth English Goldendoodle or Olde English Goldendoodle! We’ve decided to dedicate a page to those who have multiple Doodles from us so it give you a glimpse of what it’s like to own two, three or four Doodle Creek Doodles.