Kennel overview

The Doodle Creek Difference

Welcome to Doodle Creek’s facility; a state of the art kennel tucked away on a 95 acre farm down a small country road near Atwood, ON. This 5 star, 5400 square foot building was specifically designed to provide a comfortable, luxurious setting for our dogs and puppies to live. The health and well being of our dogs is of utmost importance to us and as you will see, we have invested in every area possible to make this happen. We spent years doing countless hours of research and visiting other kennels to ensure we added the proper features that would enable us to best suit the needs of our dogs and the cliental we serve. We worked through an innovative, well known and trusted contractor to ensure the building was built to the high standards we had envisioned. Our expectations were met above and beyond!

Our desire will always be to invest in giving our dogs a calming, bright and clean environment where the parents to our beautiful English Goldendoodle and Olde English Goldendoodle puppies can be treated as a part of the Doodle Creek family. Building this stunning 5400 square foot facility is what sets us apart here at Doodle Creek!

Reception Area

At Doodle Creek we understand all the excitement that goes into purchasing a family pet. We want it to be an enjoyable, warm experience for all who come here to pick up their puppy. This was the thought behind some of the décor throughout the reception area.

First of all you come through a timber frame entry where you are met by a rustic touch of elegance. There was an old timber frame barn on the property that needed to be removed when we built the kennel. Inside this barn were beautiful, hand hewn timbers. These timbers truly are a work of art crafted by hard working men in the past. Since I am a little sentimental, I wanted a part of that beauty in our new kennel. We added beam trusses, window headers and a fireplace mantel to maintain that rustic look.

The fireplace and lounge area bring a warm and cozy feel for the ultimate experience. There is also large custom made desk with a live edge counter top. All these features combined give this area a chalet style feel.


The nursery is a very important part of our facility. Caring for the neonatal requirements is of highest priority at Doodle Creek. This is where all the moms give birth in their own private, spacious suites. All the nursery kennels are tiled with glass doors. The tile is very easy to clean and keep sanitary. The glass doors ensure that the puppies and moms can see out their kennels without experiencing a cage type of feel. We have large windows to the outside all the way around to ensure lots of daylight enters through out the day keeping the room nice and bright. There are drains in every kennel to allow for easy cleaning and rinsing down the kennels.

We also have a very unique watering system in that there are water nipples in each kennel. This ensures that the puppies have access to clean, fresh water at all times. When puppies have water dishes, they often tend to play in the water which raises the risk for parasites to be ingested. Most puppies learn very quickly as it is instinct to chew on everything. If they don’t learn to use the drinking system, we then use water dishes and ensure they stay clean.

The entire nursery is equipped with in-floor heating. This is a must have in a kennel nursery. Since the puppies are not able to walk around and get warmth through body movement, it’s very important to keep the floor at exactly the same temperature at all times. Maintaining proper body temperature is paramount in newborn puppies. The in-floor heating makes it possible to keep our nursery kennel floors warm, dry and comfortable for all the puppies. We also use overhead heat lamps when the puppies are young to supplement heat when needed.

Adjoining the nursery is an 1,800 square foot outdoor exercise area where the moms can run and play or just lounge while we clean their kennels. It’s good for the moms to get exercise when they have puppies. They spend a lot of time in the laying position and this exercise keeps the circulation going throughout their bodies.

Another feature to the nursery is the large, 400 square foot puppy play area in the center. As the puppies get older, they are needing room to run and play with each other and interact with humans who socialize them. This is where my staff spend hours caring for the social well being of our puppies.

Photo showing large fenced areas for the adult dogs

Adult Kennel

We put a lot of thought into how we wanted to design the adult area of our kennel. I really wanted my adult breeding dogs to have lots of room to run at will, stretch and relax. I don’t like the idea of keeping a dog in a small kennel where they don’t have room to run and play like a dog should be able to. I wanted them to be able to have access to the outdoors whenever they wanted. With all those things in mind, we stepped totally outside the box from the way kennels are typically designed.

All our indoor adult kennels are 200 square feet instead of the traditional 25-50 square feet typically used in a kennel setting. The dogs have large indoor areas and this way, when the weather is nasty outside, they have lot of room.

Each kennel has a salon style door leading to the outside where they have large fenced areas to romp and play. We have approximately 19,000 square feet of fenced grass areas. This is very different than most breeders who need to take their dogs to separate outdoor play areas to get their exercise. My dogs have free access to their play areas 24/7 (with the exception of really rainy, muddy days:).

The entire adult kennel also has been equipped with in-floor heating. This way when the dogs come in from a run outside when it’s -20 degrees, they have a warm floor to lay on. It works so well; our dogs absolutely love it!

A long strip drain was placed down the center and this makes cleaning a breeze. Everyday all the kennels are washed down and scrubbed with a machine.

As you can see below, our dogs definitely have 5 star amenities!

Grooming Room

Every responsible breeder will keep their dogs clean and well trimmed. We have a groomer who comes every week and her specific job is to keep the dogs looking great. She does the grooming and bathes each dog as well. All their nails are trimmed and ears are plucked and cleaned. In order to accommodate this we designed a state of the art grooming room.

First of all, all the cabinetry is stainless steel so moisture and dirt will not create sanitary issues. There is a stainless steel grooming tub where the dogs and puppies are bathed. We have a shampooing unit which injects shampoo right into the water stream for bathing the dogs. It helps the shampoo to penetrate the coat right to the skin. An amazing system that thoroughly cleans the coats and skin of the dogs and puppies.

After going through the spa treatment in the grooming tub, they are towel dried and then put into our high tech drying cage which circulates air and dries the animal. This air is temperature controlled to make sure there is no chilling or overheating taking place. Our dogs and puppies really do get royal treatment around here!

doodle creek page dividers 2.png

Other Important Features


Air quality in our kennel was a careful consideration when we designed the building. There are three separate zones in our kennel that supply clean, fresh air to the kennels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This was a huge investment that we wanted to have done properly. This investment has been well worth it; the air is clean and fresh. Stale odors and dust particles are constantly being exhausted while clean, filtered air is supplying the kennel with large air exchangers that we have installed. This helps to keep everything fresh and helps to eliminate airborne diseases.


Large air exchangers keep the air clean and odor free



Cleanliness is such an important aspect at a kennel in order to prevent parasites and sicknesses from spreading through out the kennel. To keep the floors clean, we use a floor scrubbing machine where we are able to run antimicrobial agents through it to kill any germs and bacteria on the floor. We also have a high pressure washer to wash the walls. For the food dishes, we have a commercial high temperature dishwasher. It kills any harmful bacteria that can build up.

Sound System

We believe it is important to provide a very calming and relaxing environment for our dogs and puppies. Dogs are just like people in the area of music. If they are listening to soft music, it will give them a more relaxed demeanour. Our sound system is throughout the entire kennel and we play soft music to every area. We are convinced it stabilizes the mental well being of the puppies, moms and other adult dogs at the kennel.

Security System

Although we have staff caring for the needs of our dogs and puppies, we still like to keep a watchful eye on our dogs. Being able to do that remotely is very important especially when a dog is near giving birth. We are able to monitor her without disturbing her from resting and preparing to give birth. There are eighteen cameras strategically placed throughout and around the building so we can keep an eye on everything that’s going on inside and outside the kennel.


In-floor Heating

The entire heated areas of the kennel have in-floor heat installed. It is in my opinion as a breeder the only way to properly heat a kennel. We are able to keep the puppies warm, the adult dogs love laying on a warm floor, and my employees enjoy warm feet in the winter when it’s cold outside too!

Air Conditioning

Dogs do not sweat so the heat of the summer can be strenuous on them. To help with that we have installed air conditioners to keep the facility comfortable on those hot and sometimes muggy days. We have found that with the air conditioning, the moms seem to be more comfortable as well which in turn helps them to provide better care for their litter.

Three air conditioning units keep the kennel comfortable in the summer

Three air conditioning units keep the kennel comfortable in the summer

Emergency Power Generation

Being situated in a rather secluded area also means that we tend to be at the bottom of the priority list when power outages occur. A power outage in the middle of a winter storm is the last thing a breeder wants to experience when we have small puppies that need constant heat to survive. The responsible solution was to have a large, standby generator to provide power to the facility when those unexpected outages take place. It was a substantially large investment but it has provided itself very useful a number of times already and we are thankful we made the right decision.

Standby Power Generator

Standby Power Generator