Breed characteristics & Temperament


The Olde English Goldendoodle is a three way cross between the Olde English Sheepdog, The English Golden Retriever and the Poodle. The Olde English Sheepdog is a loyal, loving companion. The Golden Retriever is well known for their mellow, happy go lucky personality and their intelligence. The Poodle is known as a very intelligent dog with a very loving personality. At Doodle Creek we select the best possible temperaments in all three breeds to create a wonderful combination of the three breeds. We are committed to producing healthy Olde English Goldendoodles with loyal, loving, happy, playful, fun personalities.

Doodle Creek along with Wagging Heart Kennels are the first known breeders of the Olde English Goldendoodle! The combination of these three breeds has been a big success. Probably the largest noticeable difference we see between the Olde English Goldendoodle and the English Goldendoodle is the loyalty. They have very similar temperaments to each other but the Olde English Goldendoodles tend to be very loyal companions. They want to have that close relationship with their human owners which makes them such a desirable breed.

The Olde English Goldendoodles also tend to be very alert, eager to please and intelligent. They have a goofy, playful personality and they thrive on being with people. We think they are amazing dogs!

When careful breeding practices are implemented, the Olde English Goldendoodle makes the perfect companion. They are typically a mild mannered dog with a moderate energy level. Their exercise requirements are not excessive so two 30-45 minute walks a day works well.

The tend to be inquisitive dogs and love to explore making them great dogs for hiking, camping or going on family outings. If they are introduced to water at a young age, most will acquire a love for the water. If you are hoping for a dog that loves the water, the English Goldendoodle will have the slight edge.

The Olde English Goldendoodle is a very loyal dog who is excellent with children. Adding one of these beautiful dogs to your home will bring so much fun and joy. These dogs are stunning and their amazing personalities make them so perfect!



The Olde English Goldendoodle is a beautiful dog! They are known to look like Teddy Bears with a beautiful round face and sturdy structured body. The combination of these three breeds has given us soft, fleecy coats with a very plush texture which tend to be non shedding. There are also some with the curlier texture which are also non shedding and perfect for those who have allergies.

Every breeder creates their own look and we focus on bringing you the prettiest Olde English Goldendoodles possible. Every puppy has a unique and different look but in general, they have that round face, stocky body and beautiful stance with such a regal look to them. They typically have a fleecy, to wavy coat that is low to non shedding.

We have been breeding Olde English Goldendoodles for many years now and we know the combinations of parents that work well to produce stunning puppies. Breeding is an art and creating that great look without compromising on temperament and health is key to bringing you a beautiful puppy with a great personality. Finding a breeder who produces the look you are wanting in your Doodle is critical. This is another example of why it’s so important to do your research when selecting a breeder.


With the Olde English Goldendoodle being a relatively new breed, we have only offered the Medium and Mini sizes to this point. The Medium Olde English Goldendoodle will be 35-50 pounds and 18-21 inches tall at the shoulders as adults. The Mini Olde English Goldendoodle will be 25-45 pounds and 16-19 inches tall at the shoulders as an adult dog.

*With a huge variance in size genetics within the Mini and Tiny Doodles, we have experienced Doodles to be larger or smaller than these estimated sizes.

The different generations

Multigen Olde English Goldendoodles - The Olde English Goldendoodle is a combination of the three breeds mentioned earlier and so this combination creates a Multigenerational dog. We have carefully selected dogs from our program to create the most beautiful, well tempered Olde English Goldendoodles in the black and white, tri coloured and blue merle and white colouring.

Coat types

Our Olde English Goldendoodles have several different coat types. Most are very low to non shedding. The fleecy/wavy coat type is very soft and plush feeling. They turn into a loose curled coat as an adult and have a very soft feel. They are low to non shedding. The curly coat is similar to that of a poodle. They are typically non shedding and are wonderful for allergies. In the photos below we have posted the puppy photo on the left and one as they became adults on the right. This will give you an idea of what to expect when you get a puppy from either coat type listed here.

Fleecy/wavy coats

Curly coats

Coat colours

Many people think the traditional colours of cream, blonde, apricot and red when they think of the Goldendoodle. At Doodle Creek, we like to spice things up and provide out of the ordinary colours for our clients. If you are looking for an English Goldendoodle that is different than the rest of the crowd and will stand out when you walk him down the street, let us see what we can do to get you a unique coloured puppy of your choice! See all the colours below that we offer.