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Passionate, Professional Breeders of the English Goldendoodle and the Olde English Goldendoodle.

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Breeders of Integrity

We are breeders of quality English Goldendoodles and English Goldendoodles from health tested parents. Our commitment to you is providing the pet that fits you and your family's needs best. Temperament, health and good looks are the keys to our breeding program. Please take your time and read through our website. We have a host of information that you will be sure to find valuable whether you are new or familiar with the breed. Enjoy your stay and hope to get in touch with you soon!


providing doodle puppies to loving homes!


The puppies we have provided our clients with are well known to be loving companions with great dispositions.

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the Facility

Our breeding facility is like no other. Luxurious, comfortable, clean, and warm.

Doodle Creek is a well structured, professional Goldendoodle breeding program. We are conscientious breeders ensuring our dogs live the best life possible. We have now completed our new facility where our dogs are treated to a life of luxury and comfort. We have brought the standard of dog breeding to a whole new level with all the features added to this facility. Please take a moment to do a video tour below to see all the different aspects of our breeding program to give you full confidence in us as professional breeders here at Doodle Creek!


Imprint training

Doodle Creek offers assistance in training puppies! Our qualified trainers take care of all the hard work for you so you can enjoy the puppy without the initial hard work of house training, leash training, crate training and learning all the basic commands.

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The Adoption Process

Adopting an English Goldendoodle or an Olde English Goldendoodle should be an exciting and pleasant experience for everyone involved. We have a specific process that all our clients go through to make this a smooth transition for everyone whether you live near enough to come or you need your puppy shipped.

Doodle Creek Q&A

In the course of a day here at Doodle Creek, we answer numerous questions on the Doodle breeds we offer. This pages is dedicated to answering those questions for you.


A high profile breeder will always have good reviews. Dig into our testimonials to see what people are all saying about their dogs from Doodle Creek!

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