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Parents: Miley x Bentley
Owner: Karen, Etobicoke, ON


I absolutely love my Abby and she captures the heart of anyone who meets her. Even now, at 21 months old, people stop our walk to pet her or sometimes just to stare at her gorgeous face. Training was a snap - she’s as smart as a whip. Abby loves to cuddle, but she also loves to chase squirrels, birds and geckos. We live in Florida half of every year, and she loves lying on the lanai to watch the wildlife outside or running in the sand on the beach. She is very social and expects every canine and human to instantly love her as much as she loves them. Abby is great in the car (essential for the 23 hour drive between Toronto and Florida). She sleeps 99% of the trip. And although she prefers to be with me and any visitors that come by, she is as good as gold when she is left alone at home while I am out and about. At 17 pounds she is a couple of pounds larger than I had expected, but I wouldn’t trade her for all the money in the world! Here are a few photos of the first 21 months of Abby’s life.

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Parents: Dutchess x Buckwheat
Owners: Lorraine Greey & Stephen LeDrew,  Toronto, ON

Dear Nathan, Marilou and family,

Yesterday marked the first birthday of our dear Charlie. Born to Dutchess and American Champion Buckwheat on June 7, 2015, Charlie is Male 3, the one who stuck his tongue out in the photos … an early indicator of the spirited little guy he would become.

To say we love our dog is an understatement. Charlie is so much a part of our lives, we can’t imagine life without him.

Charlie is a big boy. He is 18” and 30 pounds. He is the fastest dog at the park. He is extremely sociable (although he is a little over exuberant in greeting people at times, he is slowly learning to keep his paws on the floor).

When I read your descriptions of his parents, I see he got all their best features: he is champagne coloured, happy, outgoing, fun and totally goofy, yet calm and gentle. He like to “rile up" any dog we find at the park, jumping from side to side and deeking in and out until they will run and play with him. He loves to roll around with the other Doodles (they all seem to love to wrestle). He is not afraid of any dogs: the first time I let him off the leash at the park he took off across the park to a pack of German Shepherds and Rottweilers much to my concern. When the pack caught up to him he flipped on his back and wiggled his legs in the air while they sniffed him, and they were all friends after that. He has innate social skills!

Charlie is very affectionate: he loves to snuggle (the groomer dubbed him “the hugger” because he loves to put his paws around a neck and snuggle in for a hug when held). He is very curious, smart as a whip, healthy and exuberant. Sometimes we call him the ’stealth hound', as he loves to surreptitiously steal things he shouldn’t have and will lie on the floor mouthing them and watching for us to notice. He particularly likes to snag cashmere scarves, socks, items from guests purses (oh dear), and knitting projects. Last month he figured out how to strip bark off cedar trees and run trailing long pieces of it through the garden. He is so proud and playful it is hard not to laugh, but don’t worry…we are also very focused on his training.

Charlie has a pretty good life…In Toronto we have a large landscaped garden full of bushes to jump over, and corners to explore (and some remaining cedars!). We have several off-leash parks around so he gets to run with other dogs almost daily. In Temagami, he will have the run of our island for most of the summer. Last August, after we left you, we took Charlie directly to the cabin where he spent weeks playing and snoozing in the pine needles, often under my chair. Like most dogs, he loves a stick and a scent on the breeze. We leave next week for the cabin and he will have 7 weeks of being a “bush dog”.

Thank you for our beautiful dog. We are so grateful to have him.

With kindest regards and best wishes for your family,

Lorraine Greey & Stephen LeDrew

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Parents: Miley x Bentley
Owners: Ern & Joan, Dartmouth, NS

Maggie is from Miley and Bentley’s September 2016 litter. She is 19 lbs and is a happy little dog. She loves to play but loves to snuggle. She loves body contact and frequently climbs up on us and pushes her little face against mine.

When we are out, we always receive positive comments. Naturally everyone thinks she is cute but we also receive a lot of comments about her personality. She has been easy to train and is eager to please us. It does not matter how rough our day has been, we are always welcomed by a cheerful dog Everything that we asked for from Nathan (size, color, personality) was exactly what we received. It has been a pleasure to find a breeder of this caliber

Ern and Joan

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Parents: Macey x Buckwheat
Owners: The Lamberts, Newmarket, ON

We heard about Nathan and Doodle Creek from a friend who received 4 puppies from Doodle Creek. The referral and great experiences from a friend were enough to have us visit Nathan. Once we arrived, we knew Doodle Creek would be our obvious choice.

Nathan was prompt to answer our emails, thorough when answering our questions and provided a wonderful visit with the puppies. The facilities were clean and well kept and you could tell that Nathan had a passion for what he does by the way he interacted with the dogs...this made our decision very easy.

It was only a few months later when we were able to take Murphy home....after having 3 large golden retrievers we knew this time we wanted a smaller dog. The Tiny F1B was the perfect choice for our busy family. Murphy goes everywhere with us!!! He is our third child and we absolutely love him. He is well tempered, smart and so loving.

I can say with all confidence that Nathan and Doodle Creek would be an amazing choice for your new puppy. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a doodle. We are so lucky to have found such a great, warm and friendly breeder. We are stopped regularly on our dog walks with people asking where we got our puppy. It is so nice to be able to recommend Doodle Creek with confidence.

Kindest regards,

The Lamberts


Parents: Miley x Bentley
Owners: The Shulmans, Toronto, ON

As first time dog owners, We could not have imagined a dog with a more loving disposition. Louie has brought a never ending stream of smiles, laughs, and affection into our household. Our experience with Doodle Creek was awesome. We are certain that Louie’s disposition is an outcome of the wonderful breeding and formative weeks spent at Doodle Creek.

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Parents: Macey x Buckwheat
Owner: Debby Astroff, Montreal, QC

Hi Nathan,

thumbnail (4).jpg

My sweet “Georgia” is a little over 2 years old, and she’s a work of art. She is a tri-colour tiny Goldendoodle whose fur metamorphosed from dark smoky colours to the colour of clouds. Everybody melts when they see her long black eyelashes.

She’s a magnificent dog – super intelligent, affectionate and over-exuberant. She loves everybody - people and dogs. She watches t.v. with great interest, and goes crazy when dogs and animated figures appear, especially the Energizer Bunny.

Georgia is very strong-willed, which I discovered the second day after she arrived. Nevertheless, she and I have advanced through three obedience levels and she has done very well. She will start agility training in two weeks. With her high energy and intelligence, I think she will be great at it. One of her trainers says he thinks she has springs in her paws.

Georgia loves to play. She is so easy to love, I couldn’t ask for a better companion. From the feisty puppy who flew into Montreal to this precious work in progress, all I can say is that you breed exceptional dogs!

Your website is also first-rate! I greatly appreciated seeing photos of her 10 days and one month after she was born. And thank you again for the kind way you addressed all of my concerns.

Debbie Astroff

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Parents: Miley x Bentley
Owners: The Smiths, London, ON

Hi Nathan,

Bentley is a puppy from Miley and Bentley's January 2016 litter and he is twenty pounds. Bentley is currently three years old and is enjoying the snow this winter! To our family, Bentley is just like us- he is always included in everything we do, from movie nights on Saturdays to holiday celebrations. We love that Bentley is a part of our family because he is not only adorable to look at, but he can also be very playful, loving, and funny. Bentley enjoys lounging by our pool in the summer months, playing fetch in open areas, going on walks and cuddling with us on cold days. When Bentley was six months old, we brought him to puppy school and we're proud to say that he was the best in his class. He learned his basic commands such as sit, down, and recall instruction with ease. While he was in school, he was introduced to many new dogs. Bentley is friendly with not only canines or other animals, and people too! At home, Bentley lives with a cat and a bird whom he likes to play with and/or observe. Bentley has never bit, scratched, or hurt anyone/anything (besides his toys). Bentley is a very sweet and kind dog. Everybody who encounters Bentley instantly falls in love with him. When people ask questions about Bentley, we are always proud to say that he is from Doodle Creek. When Bentley won a local Cutest Pet Competition, we were happy to give out the name of his breeder. A few members of our family have allergies, and since Bentley is hypoallergenic, we have no problem with his non-shedding shaggy coat. We couldn't be happier with our fluffy bundle of joy, and we're so happy that we adopted at Doodle Creek.

Best regards,

The Smith family