the Doodle Creek Team

Doodle Creek is dependent on our wonderful staff to carry out all the day to day operations. We are so grateful to be surrounded by an incredible team that makes bringing you that dream puppy possible! Your puppy is in good hands at Doodle Creek!

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Kennel Attendants


Eric Weber

Eric is a fine young gentleman who enjoys caring for animals. He has a wealth of experience in animal welfare. As a young boy growing up on a farm he enjoyed raising numerous exotic animals. Eric has a keen interest in genetics and excels in this area. He understands the breeding side of creating a good looking Doodle. He helps us decide which parents get mated together at Doodle Creek. His innate understanding of genetics and ability to care for the animals well being is a valuable asset to us here at Doodle Creek. He’s also our photographer assistant and gets all those puppies sitting picture perfect!

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Emily Martin

Emily is a true animal lover. Growing up a dairy farm, she has worked with animals all her life. She enjoyed caring for the baby calves on the farm. When she came to work for us at Doodle Creek, we quickly realized her strengths in caring for young puppies. She enjoys working with the puppies and preparing them to be the best puppies they can be. She spends many hours socializing the puppies. Emily is also a meticulously clean person who keeps our entire kennel clean, giving all dogs a pleasant environment to live in.


Brock Koch-Nichol

Brock is a very gentle young man and dogs are his love. He’s a high school student so most of his time spent at the kennel is on the weekends. We are thankful for his willingness to give our other kennel attendants free weekends. He enjoys bathing and preparing puppies to go to their new homes on Saturdays. His gentleness with each puppy is amazing…all the puppies love him!

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Emily Wagler

Emily has always enjoyed caring for animals. She cares for the animals at her parents’ hobby farm. Emily has a passion for making sure animals are comfortable and happy which is so important to us. Her soft spoken personality bodes well in supplying the puppies with lots of love and attention in a gentle, caring way. Doodle Creek puppies will always be given the socialization they need when in Emily’s hands.

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Sue Kirkey

Sue is our regular groomer here at Doodle Creek. She keeps all our dogs well groomed and looking at their best. Sue has a passion for making dogs look great. She grooms each dog in a loving way an all the dogs like her. :) It’s so reassuring to have a groomer who makes the grooming experience so easy for each of our dogs.

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Puppy Chauffeurs


Marvin & Lynn Streicher

Marvin & Lynn look after all the deliveries of our puppies whether its taking puppies to the airport or delivering puppies right to your home. Together they make sure the puppy has the most comfortable trip possible. We are thankful for their willingness to transport puppies at all hours of the day. Sometimes they need to pick up puppies to ship across the globe at 2-3 am! Your puppy is in good hands when transported by Marvin & Lynn!

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Imprint Trainers

All our qualified trainers have been trained under Canine Correspondence Studies using positive reinforcement and reward based methods. In our experience we have found this gives your puppy a consistent imprint training process no matter which of our trainers train your puppy! Each Doodle Creek trainer has a wealth of dog training knowledge and they offer lifetime assistance after you take your puppy home.


Tari Kuepfer

Tari has a long history of training animals. She has owned horses since a young person and the ability she has to work with a horse shines through in training our puppies. Her calm, assertive ways with the puppies is what makes her excel in the work she does with them. Tari was the first trainer hired at Doodle Creek in 2012 and we have so many happy clients because of her valued services. Her many years of experience have taught her so much and she knows a puppy’s mind inside out! The way she is able to get a puppy turned into a wonderful canine citizen is commendable.


Lyla Caudle

Lyla Caudle, M.A., C.Psych.Assoc, IPDTA-CDT has had an interest in dog training since a very early age. At the age of 10 she joined her local kennel club and began competing in CKC obedience trials with her Shetland Sheepdog, Ryan. A life long interest in the behavioural sciences led Lyla to a career in psychology. She graduated with her Masters of Arts in Psychology in 1995 and worked in the psychology field for over 15 years before pursuing dog training as a second career. Her previous education, training, and career in psychology has laid a strong foundation for ensuring her work in dog training is always guided by a current understanding of behavioural science and is anchored in high ethical standards. Lyla specializes in puppy imprint training. She owns and operates Meeko’s Puppy Playhouse in Kitchener, Ontario, and is assisted by her co-trainer and family member, Meeko who is one of Doodle Creek’s own Mini English Goldendoodles. The puppies in her care learn through reward based training methods that are highly effective in teaching dogs the many things we want them to learn so they can become well mannered members of our families and communities. You can follow along with puppies in training on Lyla’s facebook page at


Melinda Shantz

Melinda has a wonderful skill set when it comes to training our puppies! Puppies always thrive under her imprint training supervision. She says, “I have always loved dogs, and I am so thankful for this opportunity for me to be able to do what I enjoy and to be able to work from home! Working with puppies and helping to get them prepared for and adjusted to their new forever homes is so rewarding for me! Working for Doodle Creek as an imprint trainer since 2016 has been a pleasure and I am looking forward to many more years of new puppies and creating relationships with their forever families!”


Michelle Morin

Michelle Morin has always had a passion for dogs and canine behavior and started her love of dog training in 2005. Working with her local shelter and rescues she helps to rehabilitate dogs with fear and aggression issues. She is the owner and operator of Canine Evolution Waterloo and has helped many dogs fit better into their families. Michelle is a certified behavior therapist and employs only modern science based fear and pain free techniques. She loves to spend her days hiking with her own dogs as well as her puppies in training!


Kyla Godin

Kyla started at the local shelter in the summer of 2012 where she developed her skills and increased her love for dogs. There she shadowed under many wonderful trainers and worked closely with a number of rescues and other SPCA’s in the country. At the shelter she was responsible for the assessments of each dog creating individual behaviour modification plans and rehoming thousands of dogs. She has also spent much of her time educating city bylaw officers, government agencies, and other shelters. She specializes in dog behaviour and aggression. Her huge love for puppies is what makes her a great puppy imprint trainer here at Doodle Creek! So many people are thrilled with the puppies Kyla trains.


Heidi Parsons

Heidi has been an animal lover as long as she can remember. She loves the outdoors, biking, hiking and backpacking. Heidi grew up with a family dog who was her best friend. When the dog passed away, her family decided not to get another dog which was difficult for Heidi. When she got out on her own, she began bringing rescue dogs and cats into her home and spent a lot of time researching rehabilitation strategies. After 13 years in a high paying corporate job, she decided all the stress that came with it just wasn’t worth it. In 2016 she began her dog training business and we are happy to have Heidi on board with us here at Doodle Creek. She does a fantastic job of providing our puppies with a solid foundation of imprint training.


Linda Oliver

Linda owns a small in home family dog boarding, training, and transport company in London, ON. She says “I am an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys camping and hiking as well as taking part in running races, triathlons, and other charity events. Dogs have always been a passion of mine and I’ve been working with them for most of my adult life. I began my journey many years ago fostering and rehabilitating dogs that were rescued from poor situations until they found their adoptive homes. It was here that I learning so much about dog behaviour and how that behaviour is often misinterpreted. My kids love to play and help take care of all the different dogs that come to stay which in turn makes me a great mom!! Ha! I am happy to have found a place within Doodle Creek, training there wonderful Goldendoodle pups. I really enjoy working with puppies and giving them the building blocks necessary to become well socialized four legged citizens.”