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Parents: Viva x Rumour
Owners: The Brewers, Freeport, ME

Nathan, we are ever grateful to you and your children for helping us pick our amazing dog, Tuckamore! She brings us tremendous joy every day and happiness to everyone she meets. While she enjoys her daily cuddles, she has also become quite the adventurer. She sailed from Maine to Newfoundland last summer, and was enthralled with the whales and puffins, and of course the visitors that greeted us at every port. She loves to travel in the rear cockpit of our kayaks and is always up for a hike or a game of ball. We couldn't have found a better companion and we'll always be grateful to Doodle Creek! Here are some pictures.

Thanks, The Brewers

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Parents: Kona x Duffy
Owners: The Wrigleys, Ottawa, ON

We picked up our puppy from you on October 25th and brought her back home to Ottawa. Her name is Winnie. She is so sweet and gentle with our three boys. Winnie is happy to snuggle or go on hikes with our family. She is fun and totally goofy!

We wanted to let you know how happy we are and we believe Winnie is too! Everywhere we go we get compliments on her looks and behaviour.

She was spayed on November the 15th and all went well and she had a quick recovery. We are using the 4 strong paws dog food and love the delivery service. She also graduated from the first level of puppy school!

Thanks again,

Dan and Jodi Rigley and our three boys

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Parents: Phoenix x Watson
Owners: The Fine Family, NYC, NY

Molson is our 6 month old golden doodle. He's really adjusted to life in New York City and has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is sweet, lovable, incredibly intelligent and has been a great companion for our other dog, Tyson. We are so happy to have him in our lives.

Btw, you have no idea how many people stop me on the street to tell me how beautiful Molson is or take his picture.

When selecting a breeder, we did extensive research and looked at over 30 places.We chose Doodle Creek for several reasons. The health of the dogs were extremely important to us and it was comforting to know Nathan has the parents of the puppies genetically tested, etc.

The video of the kennel and property is very impressive. The dogs have plenty of space, it's clean and we really liked the idea of heated floors and glass doors instead of crates when the dogs need to be confined.

We also liked the fact that Nathan allowed us to select our own puppy and did not force or push any particular dog on us. He did help us narrow down our choices based on our preferences.

We are extremely happy with Doodle Creek. We have a wonderful puppy we are completely in love with and can't thank Nathan enough.

Best, Leslie and Gene Fine

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Parents: Viva and Dexter
Owners: The Mesteks, ON

Bentley will be turning 6 this month and we wanted to give you an update on how Bentley is doing and some photos.  When we came to visit it was not easy picking a puppy from your litter. All your puppies were adorable.  We decided on Bentley and we new from the moment we drove home he had a great temperament. He slept on our sons lap for the two hour ride home.  To this day he loves car rides! Bentley was easy to train.( crate trained)He easily learned to wait at the door to go outside. (Still does). Enjoys walks, is friendly with all ages and around other dogs. Bentley doesn't bark only when there is an unexpected knock at the door. He is a cuddler and has to be with you wherever you go. Wherever we go Bentley is with us. We joke that he is a human in a dog costume! We are  often stopped and asked about him.  He has a very teddy bear face.  He has been photographed often. Almost always when we visit Niagara on the lake. He has been healthy and with regular grooming he has been the best dog ever!  We can't tell you how grateful we are Nathan to you for Bentley! We love him so much and the best part is how Bentley welcomes each member in our family home from work or school with a wagging tail and a so glad your home I missed you!! We have sent a few pics.  But it was hard to choose.  We would recommend anyone looking for a family dog to visit Doodle Creek!

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Parents: Phoenix x Watson
Owner: Sabina, Oakville, ON

When I arrived at Doodle Creek, I was thrilled to be greeted by my joyful little Sophie and pleased to see what a lovely facility she grew up in. She was EXTREMELY easy to train, even though she was almost 4 months old at the time. She’s confident—not timid about new places or faces—and very cuddly. Between her multi-coloured coat and her posture (upright stance and curled tail), I’m always asked what kind of dog she is. Of course, what really matters is temperament. Everyone is impressed by her calm demeanor. During her first checkup, the vet tech said that she must be ‘an old soul.’ I feel fortunate to have such a self-assured and sweet companion, who’s as happy to chill out on the sofa and watch TV (literally) as she is to go for a hike.


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Parents: Star x Rumour
Owners: Emily and Kyle, ON

We have Harley. He is wonderful. He is excellent with our children. He is loved by all our family members. We get told all the time what a great dog he is. He still acts like a puppy in many ways. Harley loves to swim, run and snuggle. He is exactly what we hoped for in a family pet. 

A few weeks after picking up their puppy…

I hope this email find you and your family well. I wanted to give you an update on how Star's "puppy number 7", or as we know him, Harley, is doing.

Harley has been with us for almost two months. He has really changed our lives. We spend so much time talking about him, to him and laughing at his antics. Harley has made us very popular. We have lived in our building for over two years and no one visited we have neighbours stopping by to see him or stopping us in the market to tell us they have been watching him play & grow from their window. He has many new dog & human friends. He is so friendly and people seem drawn to him, especially at our local farmer's market. He is beloved by friends and family. Most of our company offers to look after him and a few have tried to take him home with them. Harley is especially wonderful with children. He wants to be near them and sits nicely to be petted, giving their hands lots of kisses. When our new niece started to cry, Harley woke up and was desperate to go to her aide.

Harley is such a smart dog. He catches on to new games quickly and has learned many new commands. This week he started giving a paw. Now he think he can do this any time for a reward. His favourite thing by far is our cottage. We spent two weeks up there in the summer as well as several weekends. He loves to dig big holes in the sand and chase the ball into the water. He likes to run into the waves and often swims with us out to the "jumping rock". He is a strong swimmer and likes to play in the shallows. He has learned to play frisbee and likes to fetch the ball for us. He has a new friend, a Yorkie, named Ralphie. It is funny to watch the two play since Ralph is only 8 lbs but our 18lb Harley submits to his "older and wiser" friend.

Harley is a big softie. He really wants to be loved and cuddled most of all. He will sleep cuddled into one of us while we read a book. He is a big fan of the belly rub too.

We couldn't be happier with our pup. We like to think we got the best one, but we know that he really chose us. We are excited to watch him grow and develop over the next few months. We will keep you updated with photos.  

Kind regards,

Emily & Kyle