Doodle Creek Q&A

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What is an English Goldendoodle?

The English Goldendoodle is a cross between the beautiful European style Golden Retriever and a Poodle. The Golden Retriever is well known for their mellow, happy go lucky personality and their intelligence. The Poodle is known as a very intelligent dog with a very loving personality. At Doodle Creek we select the best possible temperaments in both breeds to create a wonderful combination of the two breeds. We are committed to producing healthy English Goldendoodles with loving, happy, playful, fun personalities. See more on our English Goldendoodle breed profile page.

What is an Olde English Goldendoodle

Doodle Creek is the first Olde English Goldendoodle breeder worldwide that we are aware of. My parents at Wagging Heart Kennels and myself were the breeders who created this special breed! This breed is a three way mix of the Olde English Sheepdog, the English Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Their character traits are very similar in that they are fun, loving, and playful companions. The one trait that we have noticed is prominent in this breed that they are a very loyal companion. We are so excited about the amazing reviews we are getting back on these special companions. To go with their wonderful personalities, we are getting dogs with beautiful black and white and merle and white markings. See more on our Olde English Goldendoodle breed profile page.

What is the “English difference?

Many people wonder what we are talking about when we say our Goldendoodles are English Goldendoodles. Instead of using the American lineage of the Golden Retriever like many breeders do, we have instead used the European or English bloodlines. The American Golden Retrievers often have the longer legs and are finer boned. This tends to lend itself to the dog also having a pointier snout. Since the Poodle is a dog with a slender face to begin with, the regular, American Goldendoodles will often end up having the more slender face as well. This is why we have chosen to go with the European style Golden Retrievers. They tend to have a heavier boned body with a rounder face. They are stockier in appearance. We have found through our experience breeding the English Goldendoodles that the puppies have beautiful, round Teddy Bear faces. This does come at a significant investment as we import many of our Golden Retrievers from Europe to create the beautiful English Goldendoodles we are so well known for producing.

Which different generations of Doodles do you breed?

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We breed F1, F1b, and Multigen Doodles here at Doodle Creek

F1 English Goldendoodles - This is a cross between a purebred English Golden Retriever and a purebred Poodle. They typically resemble the Golden Retriever a little more than the F1b as they are 50% English Golden Retriever and 50% Poodle. These dogs typically have low to non shedding coats. Some will have the straighter coats with a loose wave to it. These coats will sometimes be low shedding. Others will have the fleecy coats and will shed very little to nothing at all. If you are wanting strong Retriever characteristics and you are okay with possibly some shedding, this would be a great option. If you have allergies, you may want to consider the F1b or Multigen breedings.

F1b English Goldendoodles - This cross is when we take an F1 English Goldendoodle and breed it back to a Poodle. This creates a 75% Poodle and 25% English Golden Retriever puppy. These dogs will quite often look very similar to the F1 English Goldendoodles in that many still keep that nice, fleecy coat type. The litters normally have a few with the fleecy coat types and a few with the curly coat types. The fleecy coat typed F1b puppies are typically extremely low to non shedding. The ones with curly hair don’t typically shed at all and if they do it is very minimal. The F1b is an excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies.

Multigen English Goldendoodles and Olde English Goldendoodles - Through our years of experience, we have now come to the point where we use our trusted genetics and we will breed two totally unrelated Goldendoodles together or even Olde English Goldendoodles. We do all the proper DNA testing to ensure that we are getting the low to non shedding offspring from these matings. We have found that the Mulitgens are just as good as the F1b for those with allergies as they are also low to non shedding. The advantage of breeding Mulitgen English Goldendoodles and Olde English Goldendoodles here at Doodle Creek is that we are able to get more of the colours we are looking for in our puppies such as the tri colour, black and white, brown and white, or the merle.

What sizes do you breed?

We breed a variety of different Doodle sizes. The estimated size of your Doodle is determined by the size of both parents.

Standard Doodles (50-75 pounds and 21-23 inches tall) - This is the result of breeding a full sized Standard Poodle with an English Golden Retriever or an English Goldendoodle. Our Standard English Goldendoodles come in either the F1 or F1b generation.

Medium Doodles (35-50 pounds and 18-21 inches tall) - We have Moyen (Medium) Poodles here that we breed to full sized Doodles or Retrievers. This results in a nice medium sized companion. They come in either F1, F1b or Multigen generations.

Mini Doodles (25-45 pounds and 16-19 inches tall) - This is the result of any number of combinations depending on the size of the parents. It can be a Miniature Poodle with an English Golden Retriever, two Mini English Goldendoodles, or a Miniature Poodle with a Mini English Goldendoodle. We breed our Mini Doodles in F1, F1b and Mulitgen generations.

Tiny Doodles (15-25 pounds and 13-16 inches tall) - This is the result of breeding a Miniature or Toy Poodle to a Mini English Goldendoodle. It is not possible to have an F1 Tiny Doodle because breeding the smallest Poodle possible to a full sized Golden Retriever will still give no guarantees that the puppy will be in the 15-25 pound range. Tiny Doodles only come in the F1b generation at Doodle Creek.

*With a huge variance in size genetics within the Mini and Tiny Doodles, we have experienced Doodles to be larger or smaller than these estimated sizes.

Is there temperament differences within the different sizes?

I often get asked if the different sizes have different temperaments. The answer is yes, they do. Careful consideration should be given to this fact. All of them make amazing companions but it is important to know the differences before you decide which size you prefer.

The Standard and Medium Doodles are slightly more docile and laid back than their Mini or Tiny counterparts. Yes, they are larger but they have big, compassionate hearts too. We have had many of our Doodles go on to be therapy dogs and the majority of them are the Standard or Medium size. This is due to the fact that the Standard and Medium Poodles have such regal, loyal, loving personalities.

The Mini English Goldendoodle is very similar to the Standard and Medium Doodles in that they have very loving personalities and make excellent family companions. The differences I see is that they tend to be a little busier than most Standards and Mediums. This is not a negative; it is simply something to be aware of. Proper exercise and playtimes are important in the Mini size. We are very careful to select and match proper genetics to ensure that we get Minis that will go on to be wonderful additions to any family they join.

The Tiny English Goldendoodles are wonderful little companion dogs with lovely dispositions. They are busy like Minis too so making sure they are exercised and have lots of play time is important. They also tend to be slightly more head strong and training can be slightly more difficult that Minis, Mediums or Standards. When proper training is applied as a puppy, these dogs turn out fantastic!

Breeding play a huge part in coming up with loving companions and we are continuously striving to improve our lines.

Are your Doodles suitable for therapy work?

We have built our reputation around Doodles who have well rounded personalities. Many of our past puppies have gone on to be therapy dogs. A therapy dog needs to be a gentle, loving companion with a calming demeanour about it. When we know client is looking for a therapy type of dog, we will make sure they get a puppy that will be suitable for that type of work.

While most sizes will work for therapy work, the Standard and Medium size are definitely the most popular as they have more of a quiet nature about them.

We count it an honour when our puppies go on to be therapy dogs; it’s a testament to all the hard work and passion we put into creating puppies who make people’s lives better.

What’s the difference between a male and a female?

This is a very popular question that comes through when speaking with potential clients. The reality is that in the English Goldendoodle and Olde English Goldendoodle breed there is very little difference between a male and a female.

Sometime the males are slightly larger than the females but we also have females within litters who turn out larger than some of the males. It just depends on the genetic traits they pick up in their DNA.

As far as personality, there is virtually no difference between males and females in our Doodles. I always tell my clients that it is far more important that you are getting a puppy from parents who have sound temperaments than being concerned whether you get a male or a female. We put a lot of thought into matching the right parent dogs to make sure we are getting good temperaments consistently

Is there an advantage to owning a hybrid over a purebred?

Yes, there is definitely an advantage to owning a hybrid. You have most likely heard about “hybrid vigour” in the past. What this means is that when two totally unrelated dogs are mixed with breeds like Poodles, English Golden Retrievers and Olde English Sheepdogs, there is a vigour there that is not seen in purebred dogs. They tend to be healthier dogs that live longer because there has not been line breeding done like in the purebred breeds.

Doodles can still inherit genetic illnesses so it’s very important that the parents are health tested prior to being added to a breeder’s program.

Are Doodles hypoallergenic and non shedding?

While no breeder is able to guarantee you a non shedding dog in the Doodle world, there are many who do not shed. We have found in the past that most people with allergies do very well with tolerating Doodles.

Everyone has different types of allergies as well though and that is something to remember. If you are allergic to dog saliva, you will not likely not even be able to tolerate Poodles. If it is the hair or the dander, the Doodles are typically a great fit.

An experienced breeder should be able to tell differences between their puppies. We have had great success in the past placing puppies with those who have allergies. I’m able to tell at eight weeks old what type of coat they will have and if it will work with allergies. If I know you have allergies, I typically will recommend going with the F1b or Multigen Doodles as they tend to have the curlier, very low to non shedding coats.

What are the different colours available in your Doodles?

Doodle Creek is unique in that we offer a whole host of different colours and colour combinations. This has taken over a decade of careful trial, ensuring that we maintain the temperament and personality traits while breeding different colours into our Doodles.

Following are the colours we breed at Doodle Creek

  • Cream

  • White

  • Apricot

  • Red

  • Apricot/white

  • Red/white

  • Sable

  • Sable/white

  • Black

  • Black/white

  • Black tri colour

  • Brown

  • Brown/white

  • Brown tri colour

  • Blue Merle

  • Blue Merle/white

  • Brown Merle

  • Brown Merle/white

*Most poodles (in fact almost all) experience fading in their coats as they age and this is somewhat carried through on the Doodles. We cannot guarantee colour will stay exactly the same in our adult Doodles.

Do Doodles need to be groomed and how often?

Doodles have hair, not fur and so it grows continuously. Here at Doodle Creek our English Goldendoodles and Olde English Goldendoodles are groomed once every 8-10 weeks. If they are done regularly not a lot of extra brushing is needed if you like that scruffy look (I love the messy hair look of the Doodle:)

When finding a groomer, make sure you find one who has Doodle experience! Take lots of photos of freshly groomed Doodles so your groomer knows how you want your dog to look. There are a lot of groomers out there who do not properly groom Doodles. Find one you trust in your area.

Bathing doesn't need to be done more than once every two weeks unless they are getting dirty in messy weather. Too much bathing will dry out their skin and cause itching and possibly hot spots if itching is excessive.

How much exercise to Doodles require?

Doodles are playful, energetic breeds and they love to go with you wherever you go. They are found to have moderate energy levels for the most part and therefore two 30-45 minute walks daily will be sufficient. Remember, the more time you spend with your dog, the more the dog will bond with you and feel satisfied.

What is a Doodle’s life expectancy?

The English Goldendoodles and Olde English Goldendoodles tend to be healthy breeds over all and we have very few health issues. The average lifespan of the Goldendoodle is 12-15 years. Sometimes the smaller ones live longer and the larger ones not as long.


Do Doodles do well with cats?

Doodles are a very adaptable breed and most will adapt to other pets within a household. Most Doodles do very well at adjusting to a cat if they grow up with one as a young puppy. Cats being who they are will often set the dog in place from the beginning and there is then a mutual respect that happens. I’m not at all concerned if my clients have cats in the house when they purchase one of my puppies.

How do I choose a breeder I can trust?

Choosing a reputable English Goldendoodle breeder is of utmost importance. When you purchase a puppy, you want to be sure you are getting one from an responsible, ethical breeder who will provide support if needed even years after the puppy goes home. It is a buyer beware market; make sure your Goldendoodle breeder has a well known reputation for breeding healthy dogs with sound temperaments!

There are a number of things we do that provide evidence of the good reputation we have worked hard to build. Some of these principles include:

  • providing puppies from health tested parents

  • provide copies of all health testing reports done on the parents (posted as links on the profile pages of all our parent dogs)

  • properly matching parent dogs to provide the best temperaments possible

  • allow clients to visit us as breeders and to see the dogs and facilities

  • keeping our dogs in a healthy, clean and spacious living environment

  • health check all the puppies and administer first vaccinations

  • microchip the puppies

  • every puppy leaves with a two year health guarantee with the option to extend it if desired

  • staying in touch with clients needing support after taking their puppy home as well as years into the future

  • we ensure our puppies are going to good homes by having each prospective client fill out an Application prior to adopting

  • we assist clients in the choosing process to be sure they are getting the puppy that suits them best

  • we will always rehome puppies who can no longer be cared for by their owners

Good breeders will make sure their dogs are well cared for. They will do their due diligence to ensure clients will provide their puppies with good homes.

How do I reserve a puppy from you?

After you've made the decision to purchase a puppy from Doodle Creek, the next step would then be to fill our online Application and submit it to us. We ask that you fill our the Application as accurately as possible so we are able to determine which of our doodle litters will best suit what you are looking for. As a breeder, it is our responsibility to ensure that each or puppies find loving homes and the Application process helps us with that.

After reviewing your Application, we will then get back to you with further details regarding the completion of your reservation. If you are approved, we would then ask for a $150 non-refundable deposit. This can be sent via e-transfer or

Do you offer a genetic health guarantee on your puppies?

Every breeder who takes the health of their dogs and the puppies they produce seriously will definitely offer a health guarantee. Our guarantee will cover any genetically proven illness should the disease appear within the duration of the health guarantee signed and agreed upon at the date of sale. We offer a standard two year genetic health guarantee with the option to extend it to a three year guarantee should you continue on with the NuVet Plus vitamin supplement we recommend.

Please note that puppies are very prone to parasites such as roundworm, tapeworm, pinworm, giardia, coccidia, etc. I take every precaution possible to eliminate these parasites in my puppies through proper deworming protocol. Since the mothers tend to be more susceptible to parasites while they are nursing, they may pass these parasites on to the puppies. Depending on the life cycle of the specific parasite, your puppy may go home with a parasite. This is why it’s important to have your puppy’s stool checked within the first few days at your vet. A puppy under the stress of moving to a new home will often have a weaker immune system and parasites are more prone to attack. We do not cover parasites within our genetic health guarantee.

Do you do genetic health testing on your parent dogs?

Being responsible, ethical breeders, we do our best to ensure you are getting a healthy puppy. This process begins by making sure we are breeding two healthy dogs to produce the litter we want to offer. We do a lot of research into the dogs we purchase for our breeding program and one of the most important aspects of that research is ensuring we are purchasing healthy dogs with a healthy lineage as well.

While the English Goldendoodle and the Olde English Goldendoodle are hybrids and tend to be healthier than their purebred ancestry, they can still be prone to the same genetic illnesses. This is why it's important to have all the breeding dogs tested for these specific illnesses.

Below are some of the health tests we conduct on our parent dogs prior to adding them to our breeding program:

Hip Dysplasia - This is a debilitating disease of the hip joints in canines. It can cause lameness due to pain and sometimes causes totally immobility. It is not totally proven to be genetic but we take no chances and have all our dogs ex-rayed to be sure we are breeding dogs who have normal hip joints. We have certified radiologists examine the ex-rays to determine whether or not the dog has hip dysplasia.

Elbow Dysplasia - This is also a debilitating disease of the elbow joints in canines. This is generally noticed by lameness in the front quarters (sometimes just one quarter). Like Hip Dysplasia, it can be a devastating disease. This is why it's important to have all breeding dogs ex-rayed and cleared of Elbow Dysplasia by certified radiologists.

Cardiac - Congenital Heart Disease can be an issue in canines. Although it is not real common in the Goldendoodle breed, it is good to have the hearts checked on all parent dogs. We make sure they all pass the OFA cardiac test and are clear of heart murmurs.

Patellar Luxation - This is a disease found in smaller breeds like the Mini and Toy Poodles. It is caused but a luxating (loose kneecap) which pops out of place while the dog is running. The dog will sometimes habitually stop, move it's leg is a stretching or kicking motion to have it popped back in place. Surgery may be necessary to bring about recovery. All our Toy Poodles, Miniature Poodles, and Medium Poodles are checked for Patellar Luxation. We also check the Mini English Goldendoodles and Olde English Goldendoodle parents.

Can I choose my own puppy and how does that process work?

Yes, we allow our clients to choose their puppy. Choice of puppies is given in the order of deposit when the puppies are eight weeks old and ready for their new homes.

Having said this, we do help all our clients find the puppy that suits their needs best. If they are looking for specifics in personality, looks, coat type, colour, etc. we are here to help. It is in everyone's best interest to find a puppy that will match expectations of the client. Here at Doodle Creek, we take this seriously and do our due diligence in guiding families to the right companion.

It's easy to fall in love with a litter of bouncy little fluffballs but we all need to be realistic and find the one that will work best for your situation. Having bred Doodles since 2004, I have gained an intuitive mind to helping people find the right puppies. It's so rewarding to me when people thank me for guiding them to the right puppy a year or two after taking their puppy home.

Do you allow visitors to come see the dogs and puppies prior to purchasing?

We do allow potential clients to come meet with us as breeders and see the dogs puppies. With all the work involved at the kennel on a daily basis, we don’t like to interrupt our staff routine. For this reason we do not take appointments for visits during the week unless it is to pick up a puppy or see a puppy that is currently available and ready to go home. We hold open houses approximately once a month. This is the time for clients to come visit if they want to meet us and the dogs prior to reserving. This is a much more practical way to host all the many visitors who want to meet with us.

If you are interested in coming to our next open house, simply watch for the news on our site; we will post the next date once we are able to confirm.

Do you ship puppies and is it safe?

We have shipped puppies for many years and have cliental worldwide. We have found shipping to be safe and nine times out of ten the puppy comes out of the crate wagging it's tail. :)

It's exciting to be able to bring joy to families no matter how far the distance. Our informative site is geared toward making this decision as easy as possible. We present all the facts about all the puppies in an open and honest manner to ensure clients are happy with the dog they are not able to meet in person. Don't hesitate to contact us because of distant; we will do our best to help you!

What are your prices and why are they higher than some other breeders?

For a full pricing list, visit the Application page. When it comes to the prices of our puppies, they are a direct reflection of the high standards we hold ourselves accountable to here at Doodle Creek. The prices may well be above what many other breeders are charging but there are a number of reasons for this.

We invest a lot of money into bringing top quality lines in from around the world. This is a very costly venture as breeders with top quality dogs do not sell them cheap. Our breeding dogs can cost anywhere from $4000-15,000 before they ever produce a litter. It’s a costly way to add lineage to a breeder’s kennel but we feel it is the proper way to do it in order to create the best possible English Goldendoodle and Olde English Goldendoodle puppies for our clients who have trusted our breeding practices since 2004.

A lot of money is invested into health testing our dogs and bringing puppies to you that only come from health testing parents. We have had huge disappointments in the past when promising dogs didn’t pass their health tests. We stay true to the course though and will not compromise the health of our puppies by breeding dogs who have not passed their testing. These dogs are rehomed and placed as pets.

We have invested heavily into giving our dogs a life of luxury. In 2017 we built a state of the art dog breeding facility. This was a huge undertaking that was not taken lightly. We had the health and safety of our dogs at the forefront when we designed the building. It also provides a safe place for our employees to do what they love doing; caring for the dogs and puppies!

Our staff are a huge part of our success here as well. We rely heavily on them to help get the daily routine things done around the kennel. We have kennel attendants who care for the dogs and clean the kennels daily. They spend hours and hours socializing puppies, getting them ready for the big, wide world! A groomer comes in and grooms all the dogs. There are numerous imprint trainers on board. All these staff members are a huge asset to the business! Visit Doodle Creek Team page for full details on our employees.

All of the above factors along with the years of experience we have breeding Doodles play into why our prices may be higher than other breeders you have noticed online. It is a buyer beware market and you typically get what you pay for. Ask questions and be sure you are making an informed choice when you pick a breeder to work with in finding your Doodle. Do you feel they are honest and forthright with you? Are they willing to share health testing results on their dogs? Do they have testimonials to share with you from clients who purchased puppies from them in the past? Go with your gut feeling and make sure you feel comfortable with your breeder of choice.

Do you offer support after we have purchased a puppy from you?

Yes, we answer every email and get back to every telephone message. If we are extremely busy over the time you have called or messaged us, it may take time to get back to you but we will be here for support! We are here to back you up from the time you purchase your puppy all the way through your dogs life. We care about the dogs we provide homes with and we want to do our part in helping people have the best experience possible. We provide a whole host of information to every new puppy owner but if there are things you still need help with that we didn’t cover with you, we’ll do our best to help you. We are well established breeders and we have come across just about any circumstance you can imagine! We will share our knowledge with you.

Do you recommend pet insurance?

Yes, we highly recommend pet insurance. All of our puppies go home with a 30 day voucher for Trupanion pet insurance. They are a well regarded company in the industry and we recommend their services. Their coverage is excellent and well worth it should your pet ever get sick. We do our best to provide healthy puppies but remember, pets are just like humans. Some get sick more often then others. Having pet insurance will give you that peace of mind should anything serious happen to your pet’s health.

Will you rehome my dog if I’m unable to care for it in the future?

We feel a responsibility to ensure every dog we produce has a good home. If you purchase a dog from us and you get into unexpected circumstances where you are not longer able to care for your puppy, we will help you rehome the dog. See the Health Guarantee for details on our return policy. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can happen but we do ask that you take puppy adoption seriously. Think about the Doodle’s lifespan of 10-15 years and plan for that commitment.