17 lbs - 15” tall

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Griffin is the first CKC registered blue merle Miniature Poodle we've added to our breeding program! This has been years in the making. We were unable to find the tuxedo merle colouring we were wanting so we bred Griffin and Crosby ourselves through careful genetic selection and temperament selection. These boys are wonderful in every way. They've got that nice soft coat that's not super coarse like some Poodles hair is. Griffin's personality is comical. He's such a goofy, funny dog and he makes me laugh every time I meet him. He's such a friendly little man
and a joy to have with us here at Doodle Creek. Griffin has a very stout, stocky build for a Poodle. Griffin will produce fantastic puppies here at Doodle Creek. The blue merle colouring is an exciting new colour and is sure to be a hit!

Genetic Health and Registration Certificates