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Meet Hailey - Now Sold!
F1b Mini English Goldendoodle
Adult size: 16-17 inches tall and 25-40 lbs
Date of Birth: November 30, 2018
Sex: Female
Available to go home now!
Price: $16,000

Hailey is indescribably cute! She's also an F1b Mini English Goldendoodle puppy from Mabel and Benjie. She's got that Teddy Bear look to her with that red colouring and the curly hair. Since she's got that curly hair, she'll be low to non shedding and it will be excellent for those who have allergies. Hailey's personality is great too. She's a very loving dog that will be a snuggle bug! She's be happy, playful, and goofy so she'll bring a lot of joy to her family for sure! She's not shy and not overconfident; just a nice even keel personality is how I would describe her. This dog will be excellent for owners who love to take their dog with them anywhere. She's going to adapt well to any home. So, if you are looking for a dog that doesn't need all the early hard work of puppyhood training, this is the dog for you. She comes fully vaccinated as well as our Health Guarantee. If you have any further questions regarding Hailey or you feel she would make a great companion for your family, get in touch with us @ 519-356-2078 or by email.