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Trained Goldendoodles For Sale
Meet Jasper! - Now Sold!

Availability: Any time after July 7, 2014.

Jasper is an F1b Standard English
Goldendoodle from Pippa and Bruno. His
loving, gentle, easy going personality has
made him a perfect dog to enroll in our
training program. He is such a fun dog and
his looks are incredible to go with all of that!
He has a beautiful head just like Pippa; round
teddy bear look with a stocky body. He has a
soft, wavy/curly coat that will be very low to
non shedding and he'll be excellent for people
with allergies. If you are looking for a well
trained English Goldendoodle with all these
amazing attributes, Jasper will be the boy for
you.  His cost will be $5500.
If you have any further questions regarding
Jasper, give us a call @
519-356-2078 or by email.
Are you wanting to purchase a dog but don't want the headache of all
the crying, whining, mess making, nipping, jumping up, and all the
other things that come with training young puppies? Our training
program will totally take care of that for you. Below you will find English
Goldendoodles that are currently enrolled in our training program. Our
trainer is fantastic and she works very hard to create a well behaved,
well mannered dog. These dogs go through a three month program. At
the end of the three months the dog will be fully crate trained and house
trained. You won't need to worry about cleaning up messes in the house.
The trainer will also work on behaviour. She will leash train the dog to
walk nicely at your side without pulling. The dog will sit, stay, and come
on command. At the end of the training session we will be able to give
you a well trained, well behaved, well socialized dog that has had many,
many hours of one on one training.
If you would be interested in reserving one of our trained English
Goldendoodles, give us a call at
519-356-2078 or send us an email.